Our Aims

We seek to provide housing, care and support in a holistic fashion meeting the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of those that avail of our services. Our approach is very person centred where we strive to empower adults with learning disabilities to live fulfilling lives within their local community. 

About Croft Communities

The story of Croft Communities (a registered charity) and of all that has happened since October 1979 until now is a story of vision, determination and perseverance in the face of many obstacles facing a small group, who were relatively unknown and inexperienced

From the time the dream was presented way back then to its realisation today has been an amazing journey of faith, hope, love, support and much prayer.

We have a work force that delight in delivering services that enable all who participate to work towards achieving their full potential.  Over the years, the work has been enhanced and developed to meet the ever changing and growing needs of those we seek to care for and support.

In March 2021 we completed a merger with The Cedar Foundation and Croft Communities is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Cedar.  We are delighted our founding members Jim Clark OBE and Maureen Smith are now patrons of Croft Communities.

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Empower adults with learning disabilities to live fulfilling lives within the local community