Working together for the benefit of all

Below you will see a list of our Trustees & Management Team. Both work very closely together to steer and direct the overall delivery of services. We are indebted to the many other partners, families and friends that come alongside us in our endeavours.


Jim Clark (OBE)

Founder & Chairman

Jim is the Chair of a team of eight board members who all give of their time voluntarily. Each bring their own skill set and experience to assist in overseeing the organisations purpose and goals.

Maureen Smith Founding Member
Susan Montgomery Secretary
Jo Anderson Treasurer
Adam Alexander Board Member
Lindsay Conway Board Member
Malcolm Allen Board Member
John Keir Board Member



Linda Wray

General Manager

Linda is supported by a dedicated team of staff to ensure quality services are provided for the benefit of all the service users.

Our Registered Manager is Mr Alan Hutchinson

Our Finance & Administration Manager is Mr David Ashfield