Cedar Croft Communities Merger

Our merger will enhance services supporting adults with learning disabilities to live fulfilling lives

On 1st March 2021, The Cedar Foundation and Croft Communities merged to enhance the work of both organisations in empowering adults with disabilities through the provision of excellent housing, care and support.  This merger which has been the outworking of an ongoing partnership to share resources and expertise to ensure they provide the best possible support to all using their services.  The merger will ensure both organisations are in a strong position to consolidate and grow, by combining the resources and strengths of both organisations.

Prof. Maurice Mulvenna, Chair of Cedar commented

“On welcoming Croft as part of the Cedar family we are looking forward to working on further exciting developments together.  The recent pandemic has highlighted the professionalism, dedication, care, and compassion demonstrated by staff across both organisations and we are proud of the seamless continuity of excellent care and support that has been delivered to our valued service users.  We are particularly delighted that founding members, Jim Clark and Maureen Smith, have agreed to become patrons of Croft Communities.”

Jim Clark OBE Chair of Croft Communities added

“The Cedar Foundation and Croft Communities have a long history of working together, sharing expertise, and supporting each other to ensure the best possible services are available to individuals with a learning disability.  Our mutual support was never more important than over the last 12 months, as together we have been able to meet the challenges of Covid-19 head on.  We are delighted with the furtherance of our strong partnership with Cedar and its impact on the lives of the individual folk and their families and carers that we are committed to support”.