Currently we provide quality housing, care and support for 28 people to live as independently as possible within their local community. 

This includes support to achieve basic living activities, work / day placements where appropriate, social interaction with the community and maintain good family connections etc.  

It is just a joy to see how many of our people have developed and achieved so much over these past years.

"Our daughter moved into the Croft Community 9 months ago. With the companionship and care she receives she has never been happier. On regular home visits we notice that her domestic skills have improved considerably, and she is a very willing helper with daily kitchen and household chores. We are delighted with her increased independence, and the fact that she has a positive future in the Croft Community."

Mr & Mrs McGregor

Another quote from a parent

"We have noticed a difference in Philip since he has moved to supported living. Being in a smaller group has meant that he is able to be more of an individual, have his particular needs met and enjoy personalised attention. He loves to use the kitchen and be more independent in the house, which supported living has enabled him to do.  As a family we are more than content with Philip’s care and especially appreciate how well he is dressed and the quality of his clothes. This may seem a small thing but it matters a great deal to my sister and I and reflects the high level of care given at the Croft. Due to Philip’s family living outside of Bangor, staff consistently support Philip to fly to England to stay with us. This makes such a huge difference to all of us as it gives Philip the independence to fly over and have crucial time with his family."